What We Do?

Cat Insights is a marketing firm in Malaysia that focus on digital marketing. We help companies and brands achieve their goals by crafting out different marketing strategies that suit their needs. Be it from startup or multinational companies, we gain insights and new ideas with every project we dive into.

Cat Insights is a division of The Cat Studio, which is a music school, event planning management and music production studio in Penang. The reason why we ventured out into marketing was simple. When our founder, Reuben was working on music production with clients from different sectors, such as History Channel, Ridsect and Sony, he realised one thing they all had in common. Every company was trying hard to advertise and market their brand better. With the experience he had gained with marketing The Cat Studio, as well as many projects he embarked on, he decided to venture into marketing so he can help these businesses with their marketing efforts. That is how Cat Insights started out.

Who Are We?

We like to think ourselves as the underdogs that are out to challenge the norm. We do not have fancy offices or big conceptual ideas that never gets materialised. We are a team of go-getters that get things done. We believe in continuous learning and experimentation in our marketing efforts to bring the best results for our clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to our work. Our main focus in what we do is on our customers’ experience, understanding their needs and helping them solve problems in a very hands-on and personal approach.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We believe that with our different backgrounds and
expertise, we can come together to create an awesome digital marketing agency
that can help people bring their business to its full potential.

We go to work each day feeling pumped up and
excited because we believe what we do can help people achieve their business
goals and inspire them along the way.

How We Do It?

We are always learning. No matter what challenges we face while working on projects, we go all out to find solutions no matter what it takes.

We are always hustling. Nothing can stop us as long as we work hard and smart.We do not sit and wait for things to work out for us. We go out and make things happen.

Where Do We See Ourselves Going?

We want to build a team of passionate people from different backgrounds and expertise that comes together to do what they all love. With the different insights we have from each team member, we can join forces to create more marketing projects, creative works, products and services that can ultimately help people achieve their goals.

Believe in us and what we do?

Contact us to work together or ask us anything.