We help businesses grow with digital marketing. Will the next one be yours?

– Meet the team –

Cat Insights is a group of passionate marketers based in Kuala Lumpur. We put the interest of our customers first and use our collective experience in technology, marketing and business to do marketing that works.

– Our values –

1 – The Infinite Game.

There’s no silver bullet in marketing. We believe that marketing strategies and tactics constantly changes. At Cat Insights, we play the infinite game, understanding that we’re never finished.

2 – Passion.

Marketing is tough and tricky. And that is probably why you look for help, for a marketing agency. It’s when the work gets tough where our passion in marketing helps us pull through the toughest work.

3 – Growth

Together with you, we highly value growth in terms of business and knowledge. We believe that knowledge takes people places and we constantly look out for the growth of our people and clients.

4 – Empathy

Marketing is about creative positive change. We see clients, partners, team-members and people around us, as human beings. We’re in a mission of building a company who looks after people, treating the people around us with great respect.

Brands we’ve helped.

24, Jalan Pinhorn, Jelutong, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang