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Mobile Ads – Rich Media Ad Creator

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Mobile Ads is a rich media ad creator that can help businesses or advertising agencies with their mobile advertisements. The cool thing about Mobile Ads is their ads are interactive and can create better engagement, which in turn will increase sales.

Mobile Ads approached Cat Insights for a monthly digital marketing outreach to revamp their marketing approach and gain more leads. We took this project as a fun experience to create lead generation through various platforms. We worked on their video creations, from storyboarding to scripts and voiceovers, we created videos together with them to bring out the best content to share with their audience. We also implemented marketing outreach programs, utilise email marketing, content writing and of course, SEO optimisation to bring Mobile Ads to its full potential.

Working with Mobile Ads has given us different learning opportunities to bring our skills and knowledge to good use. We take pride in creating various digital marketing strategies to maximise lead generation for this company.

Visit their site here : http://www.mobileads.com/

Watch their videos here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/mobileads/

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