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How To Sign Up For Google Adsense

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

About every few other days I normally get asked about Google Adsense, the monetization potential and how to start with Google Adsense.

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to get started with Google Adsense. There are few things you probably want to note before applying for Google Adsense because it may be harder to apply again if you get rejected the first time.

How To Appy For Google Adsense

What you need to apply are:

  1. A website with great content. You don’t need a lot of content as a start. As long as you’re seeing some ¬†traffic on your site and none of your content is copied, you’re great to go to apply.
  2. An updated blog. Google loves websites and blogs. As long as you are able to pull in real traffic while not breaking any Google Adsense rules such as displaying ‘porn’ on your website, you can even apply for Google Adsense with your blog.
  3. YouTube channel with some videos and views. If you have a YouTube channel that has garnered some views, you can choose to become a YouTube partner, which is essentially the same as applying for Google Adsense, as you’ll need to link YouTube to Google Adsense.


Once you submit your application,¬†it’ll take about one to two weeks before you’ll get an email from Google, stating whether your application to Google Adsense has been successful or not.

Drop me an email at reuben@catinsights.com and tell me about how your application went. Else, drop a comment below and let me know if this tutorial has helped you.


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