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The #1 Problem In Most Digital Marketing Courses

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Tips | 0 comments

Do you know what’s the biggest problem in most digital marketing courses or let alone ANY course/workshop that is available around us? Take a look at the list of upcoming events on Eventbrite or Facebook Events. Sure, there are lots of courses that promises to teach you ways to grow your business or for you to gain a particular skill.

The #1 Biggest Problem in Most Digital Marketing Courses in Malaysia

But there’s a big problem. If you haven’t realized already, most of the courses, events, conferences and ‘speaking’ events I’ve attended only teaches you concepts. What happened to the good old step by step stuff that we are so used to.

See, the real problem is not because these speakers or experts does not have the right expertise. Rather it’s because they speak and teach at a completely different level as compared to the audience. They automatically stopped going into the finer details and teach at a conceptual level, assuming the audience already have a strong basic understanding of the subject.

I’m not sure if you’ve been in such a situation. But try attending a talk about Facebook Ad Retargeting as someone who just started using Facebook ads a week ago. Perhaps join an advanced stock trading seminar when you barely know how to trade.

You’ll be completely lost. 

That is one of the biggest cause of so many dropouts from many digital marketing courses.

Problem #2 – Are You Really Benefitting From Attending Events?

The next problem is that there are tons of people who goes event after events, just so they productive. Have you seen someone like this or are you one yourself? You’ll see them going for events all the time, however, they do not make any significant change in their business or the way they work.

This raises an issue. Are you spending too little time on your business and wasting too much time on attending events that do not impact your life? Or are you just refusing to implement change in your business? Give it a thought and see how you can improve.

At Cat Insights we have tweaked our courses and workshops so much so that even people with no experience in digital marketing can follow and implement every single lesson. Having conducted & training at nearly 100 workshops and seminars, we have come to conclude a mentoring strategy that works for even slow-learners.

If you’re interested to see how our courses can help you, check out our latest course on affiliate marketing here.


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